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Welcome to Mithai Junction, where the vibrant aromas and rich tastes of India converge to create an unrivalled culinary experience. As the foremost Indian restaurant in Te Atatu South, Auckland, we take immense pride in offering a menu that showcases the diverse and delectable spectrum of Indian cuisines and sweets.

Exquisite Indian Culinary Delights Near You

Our menu at Mithai Junction in Te Atatu South is a celebration of the rich and varied flavours of Indian cuisine. From the zesty curries that capture the essence of North India to the fragrant Punjabi dishes and mouthwatering tandooris, each offering is a testament to our dedication to providing an authentic lunch and dining experience. Our chefs, skilled artisans in the craft of Indian cooking, infuse passion and precision into every dish.

Thali Extravaganza: A Feast for the Senses

Immerse yourself in the joy of our wide range of Indian thalis at Mithai Junction Te Atatu South – a culinary masterpiece that offers a comprehensive taste of India in a single serving. With a selection of appetizers, aromatic curries, assorted bread, and delightful sweets, our thali is a true feast for the senses, providing an opportunity to explore the diverse facets of Indian cuisine.

Mitigate Your Cravings With Irresistible Indian Sweets

Mithai Junction in Te Atatu South is not just a destination for savory delights; it’s also a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Our collection of traditional Indian sweets is a journey through the sweet traditions of India, offering everything from the classic Gulab jamun to the decadent Rasgulla.

Convenience at Your Fingertips with Online Ordering

For those occasions when you crave the best Indian food in Te Atatu South but prefer the convenience of home, our user-friendly online ordering system is at your service. Explore our extensive menu, place your order online, and let us bring the rich flavours of India to your doorstep.

Mithai Junction – Your Gateway to Authentic Indian Cuisine

Whether you’re delving into the diverse offerings of our thali, savouring the perfect curry, or indulging in our exquisite Indian sweets, Mithai Junction Te Atatu South is your gateway to authentic Indian lunch and dining. Join us for lunch or dinner and let our restaurant be the canvas for your cherished moments with family and friends. Alternatively, you can order our Indian food online by just giving us a call and get immersed yourself in the richness of Indian flavours at Mithai Junction – where every dish is a celebration of tradition and taste.